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Latest Wellness Trends: Aqua yoga, Aqua Jogging, Ai Chi

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In 2016, people will be concerned more than ever before in their health and physical and mental well being! If you are either a property developer, hotel owner, residential manager, real estate manager or a student accommodation manager take a look into the latest wellness trends in 2016 and ensure your leading market position and maintain your competitive edge!

Be up to date with the latest wellness trends and in particular aqua sports news and development and ensure you meet your market’ needs, interests and requirements! Here are some excellent water sports that will add value and uniqueness to your guests, residents and staff spa experience!

Aqua yoga

Traditional yoga tends to be quite diverse today. However, regardless of its variation, traditional yoga aims at strengthening the muscles, developing and strengthening improving plasticity as well as calming the mind. The principles of aqua yoga are not too different than the ones of traditional yoga. The only difference is the introduction of the water element, which definitely has its huge advantages!
The aqua yoga is performed in warm water, as this lowers the risk of straining problems. Moreover, your body gets more flexible it is easier to remain in balance, and the movements are smoother. Furthermore, while being in the water, it is easier to stay in a particular position, as it makes you feel lighter like you have lost some couple of unwanted pounds.

Aqua Jogging

Even simple walking in water is difficult, what about running? Latest trends in aqua jogging now include special accessories such as sandals and belts for comfort and efficiency in training. If you are usually jogging in the park, for example, then try in the pool. Aqua jogging is perfect addition to your training regime! In the water you will rest your feet and joints that are loaded when running on asphalt, but will train even harder your heart.

Ai Chi

Ai Chi combines the concepts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong and is performed in warm water with depth to the shoulders. Similarly to traditional Tai Chi, Chi Ai includes deep breathing techniques and slow controlled movements of the arms, legs and the torso. Exercises in which your body is submerged in water, help in achieving greater relaxation, increased mobility and last but not least the effect is visible on the entire propulsion system!

Aqua Spinning

Have you ever seen underwater pool bikes? If yes, you have already noticed the increasing popularity of water cycling. It is quite beneficial for maintaining your stamina and body structure as it develop the leg muscles and keep the heart in good condition. Of course, in the water the speed can not be the same as the draught and that’s why the load is even greater, which in turn increase the pressure and the impact on the body!

Aqua Belly Dance

Are you in love with oriental dance culture? If yes the aqua belly dance is for you. The good news are that you can perform this sport even if you have had an injury and can’t perform the actual belly dance itself on drought! Also, bare in mind that it is not necessary to be able to swim to perform this water sport! The only thing you need is a strong will, motivation and pure determination! The movements are inspired by the classic belly dance but are also very similar to synchronised swimming.
The water will protect you from injuries and will make the belly dance even easier to perform. Another advantage of the aqua belly dance is that it reduces the pressure on the muscles and joints. This kind of sport also gives a gentle massage to the problematic areas of the body, such as the tight, stomach and the gluts. This way you eliminate not only the cellulite but most importantly the stress and pressure.

Aqua Zumba

With this awesome aqua pool sport, you will not only freshen and energise yourself but will also get into shape without feeling tired at least while being in the water. Similarly to the traditional Zumba, this one is also suitable for people of all age groups. Also the need to be a skilled swimmer is not a requirement for the Aqua Zumba as the body is underneath water as much as to the shoulders level.
However, one difference is that the movements are slower. The training session standard – starting with warming up, main part and stretching. It usually lasts for about 40 to 50 minutes. Note that while training you would not sweat and feel any pressure at all. The Aqua Zumba is favorable to the joints while strengthening the muscles and leaves your skin smooth, nourished and toned.
We at RCH can help you boost your profits, increase the value of apartments, room rates and even increase staff retention by creating a unique spa experiences focusing on the mind over the body! We designsupply and manage exclusive bespoke Spas for Operators, Residential and Mixed Use Property Developments, Hotels, Private Homes and Corporate Offices. RCH can assist you, taking into consideration your desires, budget and population density when choosing the appropriate pool and spa facilities.

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